Westy Academy and Competitive coaches

Girls Academy Program

U9G (2016)      Simon Orrell, Dennis Sangner

U10G (2015)    Natalie Bendinelli


Boys Academy Program

U9B (2016)   Greg Borchers, Christian Hinkle

U10B (2015)  Greg Borchers, Matt Koth, TJ Schulte, Mike Hildebrand

Girls Competitive Program

U11G (2014)     Brooke Mangnall

U12G (2013)     Nick Tallman

U13G (2012)     Akram Hassan

U14G (2011)      Rich Dell, Akram Hassan

U15G (2010)     Rodd Westphal

U17G (2008/09)      Hayli Labadie, Mike Rosso

U19G (2006/07)      Mike Rosso

Boys Competitive Program

U11B (2014)   Mike Longyhore, Robbie Wade

U12B (2013)   Stephan Tallman, Robbie Wade, Moses Castillo

U13B (2012)   Stephan Tallman, Miles Whitaker

U14B (2011)   Jamie Lindsay

U15B (2010)  Gustavo Gutierrez

U16B (2009)    T.B.A

U17B (2008)    T.B.A

U18B (2007)    T.B.A

U19B (2006)    T.B.A

The Westy Way

Westy Soccer Club will provide your player a fun, challenging and professional soccer experience.  We believe that participation in all youth sports, specifically soccer, can play an important role in the development of your child and build confidence in them.  We provide multiple soccer offerings focusing on every level of development and are committed to creating lasting memories and friendships.  If your child wants to play soccer in our community, we can provide them with top class coaching, indoor and outdoor facilities, and opportunities to allow them to find success.