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Westy Soccer Foundation Awards Program-

The club recognizes that organized youth athletics can be expensive. We offer a variety of different programs to help families in need so that players who are committed can enjoy the benefits of Westy  Soccer.

First, we offer voluntary fundraising opportunities three times a year. We select products that are in high demand by the general public and coordinate sales around the holidays. Your team administrator will have information on these programs. In addition, individual teams can organize and run fundraising programs with the approval of the Board of Directors.

We also have a scrip program. If managed carefully, by buying and using scrip cards for your normal monthly purchases [such as gas and groceries] you can receive rebates which will cover the majority of the expenses of playing soccer. Contact Dawn Jenks for more information on this program.

Finally, a limited number of Foundation Awards are available based on funding availability. Players who qualify are required to participate in fundraising opportunities and may be asked to help us with various volunteer activities during the year. Foundation Awards are available to cover membership fees only and do not cover uniform costs, coach fees, tournaments or any team fees. Awards will be granted on a case by case basis and there will be no consideration placed on race, color, creed, nationality, sex or religious preference unless donations are specifically ear-marked for a specific Foundation Award.

For any additional information about our foundation please email


Westy Soccer offers many ways to help families pay for their soccer fees and ensure that everyone gets a chance to play.

For individual fundraising, our most popular program is the Scrip program, where you can earn cash for the things you buy everyday. Please see the Scrip page for more information. In addition, there are seasonal fundraisers a few times a year, see the latest under Current Fundraisers.

There are also a couple of fundraisers each year to benefit the Westy Soccer Foundation, which provides scholarships for families in need. It is vital that we all pull together at these events to help all of our teams. (Not to mention, they are a lot of fun!) Our main event, beginning in August will be the Fall Kickoff Week, which will continue to feature the Westy Soccer Golf Classic along with a number of exciting community based events and activities.


Through the Westy Soccer scrip program, families earn money just by making their regular household purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, they use prepaid retailer gift cards purchased from Westy Soccer and its scrip company. The purchase price is the face value of the card,  but Westminster Soccer gets a discount when scrip is purchased through it, and the discount is rebated back to you for use in any club related fee or purchase.


  1. Members need to sign up with and order online at:
  2. When you register, please complete as follows: : Username: Usually your e-mail address. Name:First and last name of Parent.  Student Name (Full player name):  Teacher Name (Team – e.g.06 Girls Black.  This ensures that your player will be credited properly).
  3. Once registration is completed, please e-mail Dawn Jenks at: and provide your full name, players full name and team.  She will assign you a family number at that time.
  4. Contact Dawn Jenks for the enrollment code to be linked to our Scrip program.
  5. Make certain to click on “add to cart” after each selection.  When finished, click on “checkout” and then “confirm your order”.  Your order has now been submitted to the coordinator.  Orders are processed by Great Lakes Scrip and delivered to the club office.  You will receive an e-mail when your order is ready for pickup.
  6. Order deadline online is every Sunday by 5 p.m. (Mountain time) and arrive at the club office on Tuesdays of that week.  Dawn will e-mail families when their orders are in and ready for pickup at the club office. (Physical gift card orders)
  7. Orders are paid for and distributed at the Club office at 9101 Harlan St.  Suite #325.  Scrip can be picked up anytime during office hours Monday – Thursdays. (Closed on Fridays)
  8. Scrip is paid for at the time of pick up by cash or checks only.  (Unless you use Presto Pay/Credit card online) Checks should be made payable to WAFC Foundation, and cannot be post dated.   Scrip orders not picked up within two weeks of the order date, may be cancelled and subject to a restocking fee.
  9. All Reloads and ScripNow must be paid for through ”Presto Pay or Credit card “.  Instructions for setting up Presto Pay are at
  10. Reloadable cards must be purchased through Shop with Scrip originally, and then reloaded through the online Shop with Scrip program to receive credit for any future reloads.
  11. The club retains a percentage fee on all orders.  Rebates (member percentages earned by purchasing scrip cards) are deposited into a trust account and accounted for by the club.  Members earn 70%, Foundation 30%)
  12. Funds will be transferred to the team account upon request from the member only.  All transfer requests need to be made via e-mail to   You should copy the team administrator on your request for Team related fees.  All transfer requests should state 1) The player, the team and the coach; 2) the amount you wish to have transferred; and 3) for what expense the transfer is being made [e.g. Players fees].  We will only transfer fundraising money on the 1st and the 20th of every month so please plan ahead and let us know in time to move your funds to the team account for your use. Fundraising can be applied to Team related fees or Player Club fees in Got Soccer.
  13.  A $25 processing fee is deducted from any funds transferred outside of the club.

This is a service provided by the club to help you offset your fees.

Westy Soccer Club Office   

 9035 Wadsworth Pkwy Suite #1300 Westminster CO  80021

Scrip/King Soopers issues/concerns? Please email Dawn Jenks,

Scrip Pick-Up Hours:

Contact club staff for pickup Info

King Soopers Community Rewards Program

  1. Earn money back on every grocery purchase you make!  Link your King Soopers Loyalty card to our Organization under their Community Rewards tab. (Our Organization is: VG559 / or search by Westminster AFC Soccer)  No more reloadable gift cards!
  2.  King Soopers rebate reports are sent directly to families on a quarterly basis, therefore fundraising accounts are only updated quarterly.  We ask that you send in a screenshot of your earning statement from your Loyalty account and note your Players Name and Team to: so that we can credit your account.  We no longer receive any reporting of rebates from King Soopers, these are now sent directly to each individual family under the Community Rewards tab in your account.  Families are responsible for sending in their players Loyalty rewards.
  3.  King Soopers donates a percentage back to families and the Westminster Soccer Foundation retains a small percentage. (80% Members/20 Foundation)
  4.  Funds will be transferred to the team or club account upon request from the member only.  All transfer requests need to be made via e-mail to   Please copy the Team Administrator on your request if this is a Team related payment.  All transfer requests should state 1) The player, the team and the coach; 2) the amount you wish to have transferred; and 3) for what expense the transfer is being made [e.g. Tournament fees].  Transfers are only done on the 1st and the 20th of every month so please plan ahead and let us know in time to move your funds to the team account for your use.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know the transfer is complete, and what you new fundraising balance is.
  5. If you have any questions about King Soopers or the Shop with Scrip program, please contact Dawn Jenks at: 

Scrip Processing Procedure – printable format

extra programs

Dave & Busters Power Cards

This fundraiser is a gift card good for $20 worth of game play at Dave & Busters.  Each card sells for $20.00 and players earn $10.00 per card sold!  

All cards need to be purchased at the Westy Soccer office for $20 each, and then $10 will be put into your family fundraising account for each card purchased.  We recommend that you start with buying just a few cards, and take orders because the cards are non-refundable.   Cards can be purchased with cash or checks payable to Westminster AFC only please, sorry no credit cards.


More information coming soon!!

The Westy Way

Westy Soccer Club will provide your player a fun, challenging and professional soccer experience.  We believe that participation in all youth sports, specifically soccer, can play an important role in the development of your child and build confidence in them.  We provide multiple soccer offerings focusing on every level of development and are committed to creating lasting memories and friendships.  If your child wants to play soccer in our community, we can provide them with top class coaching, indoor and outdoor facilities, and opportunities to allow them to find success.