Uniform Policy

Westminster Soccer, Inc. maintains a two–year purchase policy for boys and girls Competitive and Club teams in compliance with the exisiting sponsorship agreement between the Club and Adidas. All Competitive and Club Teams must purchase the two (2) required, Home and Away kits every two (2) years, or upon the termination of production of a uniform style by Adidas, whichever is sooner. Uniforms must be purchased and worn in league/tournament play for Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) seasonal-year play in the season immediately following purchase/introduction.

This uniform policy applies to the U11-19 Competitive Programs.


All competitive (U11-18) team uniforms must display numbers. Club Teams Program (U10) jerseys should not be numbered.

The Westminster AFC numbering system is as follows:

Goalkeepers    NO NUMBER on their Club goalkeeper jersey(s).

#1-20              Samba Players

#21-41             Cosmos Players

#42-62            Copa Players

#63+                All Others

#90-99             Guest Player/Loaner Uniforms

The above numbering system has been developed in response to the demands of player movement under the Club Pass system with CSA, guest playing opportunities and or player movement within our developmental philosophy. The numbering system ensures that a player will not be required to purchase a new, or modify an existing uniform in relation to roster movement or additional playing opportunities.


NEW Player Exceptions: The Club retain a small inventory of “loaner” uniforms, which may be loaned to a player coming in for one season prior to a uniform change for their team: In these cases the player may use a loaner uniform, with a security deposit. A player under these circumstances may also purchase a used uniform via private channels.

Revised April 2017