Girls & Boys Teams Coaches – Fall 2020/Spring 2021


Our coaches are professionally licensed experts who will typically work with the group for a maximum of 4 seasons.

See the list below for our Academy (u9 & u10) and Competitive (u11-u19) teams.


Jeff Donnici 2011 Orange & Black (u10) Dan Gardner
Dennis Sanger 2011 White (u10) Dennis Sanger
Kon Apostolopolous 2010 Orange (u11) Eric Filonowich
Mike Jester 2010 Black (u11) Eric Filonowich
N/A 2010 White (u11) Garrett Hollingsworth
Greg Borchers 2009 Orange (u12) Stephan Tallman
Kevin Tennal 2009 Black (u12) Stephan Tallman
Rodd Westphal 2008 Orange (u13) Greg Borchers
Rodd Westphal 2008 Black (u13) Akram Hassan
Rich Dell 2007 Orange (u14) Dustin Moya
Rich Dell 2007 Black (u14) Dustin Moya
Mark Forbes 2006 Orange (u15) Paul Mulvany
Michael Vann 2006 Black (u15) Dustin Moya
Akram Hassan 2006 White (u15) N/A
Derek Cortvriendt 2005 Orange (u16) Kyle Lineberger
Derek Cortvriendt 2005 Black (u16) Nick Wills
Paul Mulvany 2004 Orange (u17) Nick Wills
Paul Mulvany & Dustin Moya 2004 Black (u16) N/A
Roby Monroe 2003 Orange & Black Roby Monroe